Our Robots

Our robots are the best!

The following our our three Roberto-class electric wheelchair based robots.


ALEN, the Automous Linux-Enabled Navigator, is our largest bot and supports dual quad-core CPUs. Alen's current task is to assist Tony Yanick in his master's thesis involving autonmous, voice controlled wheelchair navigation for persons of diminishing mental capacity.


The HARLIE Autonomous Real-time Linux-enabled IGVC Engine is curently preparing for IGVC 2010 with an all new physcial state observer (how HARLIE knows where it is) and computing platform.

HARLIE is also often seen sporting its spiffy graduation cap; however, no one is quite sure what degree HARLIE is claiming to have received.


Jinx is currently recovering from massive system loss to Harlie in preparation of IGVC 2009. Jinx will be rebuilt in the exact hardware specification of ALEN and HARLIE and will serve as a backup robot and work vehicle for the Spring 2010 Mobile Robotics Class (EECS 397).